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Sharing with Friends

Discussing Your Medical Condition with Friends

It’s natural to feel reluctant and hesitate to share your medical condition with the new friends you will meet on campus. Remember, the same support and care you received from your friends, family, and physicians back home, can now again be found in your new setting. Please contact your local chapter if you are interested in setting up a local support group on campus.

But of course, you only need to discuss your medical condition with whom you want and those people you feel most comfortable with. Who knows, maybe you will want to form and organize the first IBD support group on your campus!

The choice is yours, but however many people you tell or whatever type of advocate you want to become, always know that you never are alone. To assist you further, here are some articles from our parent site that may give you more ideas on sharing information about your medical condition:

Intimacy with IBD:

Watch this conversation between college students with IBD about intimacy, and relationships. Get some tips from the guest expert on how to communicate with friends, partners, and other loved ones about Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.