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Erin C.


Erin C.

  • School: Vanderbilt University
  • Hometown: Houston, TX
  • Hi I'm Erin! I'm twenty years old and am a junior at Vanderbilt University. I am definitely what one would call a dreamer and it is my personal goal to one day be a successful singer. I'm also an actress, I particularly like to participate in musical theater. Additionally, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, I'm all for the sappy chick flicks and I'm waiting on my own prince charming (preferably one who is nerdy and who can keep up with me on a duet). I am also pretty much a professional fangirl the list of fandoms is just about endless covering everything from Doctor Who and Stargate Atlantis to One Direction. And, of course, I couldn't neglect to tell you that I am a Nerdfighter; DFTBA, y'all! I have Ulcerative Colitis and was diagnosed as a high school senior after several months of being seriously ill, before that I was misdiagnosed several times and even told that there was 'nothing wrong' because my blood doesn't show the usual markers for inflammation.
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