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Jaimie R.

Jaimie R.

  • School: Brigham Young University - Idaho
  • Major: Exercise Physiology
  • Hometown: Canyon Lake, TX
  • I've had severe Ulcerative Colitis for five entire college career. I will finally be graduating in the summer of 2013. I'm still undecided about graduate school. Despite being in and out of the hospital about every six months, I've been able to travel the world a little bit and had the experience of a lifetime in Berlin, Germany not too long ago. I come from a large family (11 kids) and both my mom and little brother also have either IBS or Colitis (luckily neither severe). I was on prednisone for almost four years and have taken multiple other medications to try and help. I've recently begun using essential oils in conjunction with my medication and feel better then I have in six years. I enjoy helping other people and finding those who have similar problems as me - strength in numbers! I think I've finally learned that I don't have to let UC control my life.

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