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Jeena R.


Jeena R.

  • School: Philadelphia University
  • Major: Animation
  • Hometown: Philadelphia
  • I've recently transferred to Philadelphia University from the Art Institute of Philadelphia to finish my schooling on a high note while majoring in Animation. I was diagnosed with Crohn's just after I turned 14 and struggled with it throughout all of high school, never really entering remission until after I graduated. I still struggle with my Crohn's on a regular basis, but I definitely haven't let it hold me back from going for what I want, including following my dream to go to school, and applying as much of myself as I can into becoming an animator. I've always had my mom as support through my Crohn's, as she also has it, but I love to talk to and meet others with the same problems and learn their stories and share support. College is hard enough without the added stress of health problems, and having a strong support group behind you is so important.

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