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Kristina R.


Kristina R.

  • School: Oregon State University
  • Major: English/Education
  • Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
  • I'm a double degree student working toward my BAs in English and Education. I want to teach English to middle schoolers, then work on my MA so I can teach English for Speakers of Other Languages. I have two kids, a seven year old and a one year old, and I'm constantly on the run. Find me! We'll have coffee, tea, water, whiskey, vodka...whatever you can handle, I can handle. I'm in remission right now (knock on wood) so I'm living life to the absolute never know how awful life can be until you're in the middle of a UC flare! I was diagnosed with UC four years ago and have had two serious flares that put me in the hospital, once for nine days and once for five. I've been on pretty much every oral medication, and long-term steroids to boot. Not fun. If you're looking for someone to kvetch with, come kvetch with me.
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