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Kyle J.


Kyle J.

  • School: Quinnipiac University
  • Major: Criminal Justice
  • Hometown: Mansfield Ma
  • I am an undergraduate at Quinnipiac University studying Criminal Justice. I expect to graduate in 2016 and I hope to go to Law school to become a criminal attorney, perhaps even a prosecutor. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 5th grade. I had a major flare up going into my junior year of high school which forced me to stop running track at a time that I was captain of the varsity team. I ended up having surgery to remove the infected portion of my intestines, but due to complications an abscess formed and over the next year I was in and out of the hospital while they tried to cover up their mistake, missing a total year of school. I am in remission now and love every minute here at Quinnipiac. I was scared at first that my Crohn’s would affect my social and academic success, but that has not been the case. In fact, I found my transition here to be a fairly easy one and hope to help other people have as good of an experience.

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