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Mycah V.

Mycah V.

  • School: California Baptist University
  • Major: Health Sciences, Emphasis in Pre-Physician's Assistant
  • Hometown: Hesperia, CA
  • I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was 15 years old, although I have experienced symptoms since I was five. I had never heard of Crohn's before I was diagnosed, but now I educate people around me every chance I get. I am currently a freshman at California Baptist University, studying in Health Sciences in hopes of becoming a Gastroerontological Physician's Assistant. This summer, I also hope to become a camp counselor at Camp Oasis. I am a follower of Christ, and I view Crohn's as an opportunity to be thankful for everything that I have. I was given a view of life that takes nothing for granted, especially those days that I feel well, and every success I have is that much more important to me. However, I do not face each day worried that my life will over in the next day. I can live a long and happy life.

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