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Nicole W.


Nicole W.

  • School: University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Major: International Business and Economics, minors in Spanish and Leadership Studies
  • Hometown: Marlboro, NJ
  • My name's Nicole and I'm a sophomore at UNCW on the southeast coast of North Carolina. I'm a beach bum from Jersey (Marlboro during the school year, Avon in the summers), so it was only natural that even hundreds of miles away I'd stay at the shore. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at 8 and started going to Camp Oasis in Kintnersville a few years later. I've spent five summers there, and it changed my life. The people I've met through the CCFA and through camp are constant reminders that my disease is not a crutch or an excuse for mediocrity. I have watched so many people I have so much respect for do amazing things that they were told their IBD would stop them from doing. I am so lucky to be healthy enough to go to a school I love far from my doctors and my family, so I make sure I use my obstacles to make me stronger and more capable than I ever could be without them. My curse is my blessing - as much as UC sucks sometimes, I'm so thankful for all of the great things it's brought into my life.
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