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Sarah M.


Sarah M.

  • School: University of California Los Angeles
  • Major: Physiological Sciences
  • Hometown: Anaheim
  • Hi! I'm Sarah, 19 years old, and I've been diagnosed with a pretty severe case of ulcerative colitis for roughly two years now. That hasn't stopped me from achieving my dreams, however! Although I've faced setbacks like having to finish high school later than planned and losing relationships from those that could not handle me at my worst, my life is great right now. I currently attend UCLA as a freshman physiological sciences major (planning to add a minor in neuroscience at some point as well.) I hope to become a gastroenterologist some day to help those diagnosed with these diseases and many more. Please don't be afraid to contact me on Facebook or via email if you wish to connect, I'm excited to talk to you! This disease may be a part of us, but it will never become our definition.
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