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National Council of College Leaders Summer Update

The National Council of College Leaders (NCCL) currently consists of 17 college students from all over the country. Members attend college all over the country including: Cornell University, John Carroll University, Valparaiso University, Duke University, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, University of Kansas, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, University of Pittsburgh, Regis University, Texas Christian University, Lake Forest College, Emory University, University of Texas Austin, Stanford University, Washington University in St. Louis, UCLA, University of Connecticut, and Villanova University.

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NCCL members have launched various youth-based initiatives with the goal of improving the quality of life for those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis. One of these initiatives is the Crohn’s and Colitis Student Forum (CCSF) manual that the council put together. This manual provides informational resources and support for college students who are interested in starting a support group on their college campuses.

Additionally, Council members participate in various social media efforts in order to connect with young adults all over the country. Council members have also increased awareness on their college campuses by taking part in health fairs where they provide the student population with information about Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Council members work with their local chapters, attend board meetings and help promote Take Steps walks in their area. 

As part of this national program, each member is assigned to a chapter or chapters to establish contact with the local chapters. Members work with Executive Directors, staff and volunteers to strengthen the relationship between local youth and the Council. 

The council is so incredibly excited that our website has just launched. We all came together for our fall retreat in New York City the last weekend in September. We had the opportunity to discuss many projects and set forth plans for the upcoming academic year. It was so great to see everyone, and feel the energy, enthusiasm, and passion that we all have for this organization.

We are so proud of our website! This will serve as a useful tool to connect college students across the country. Our favorite part, the interactive map, allows any college student to plot themselves and join our campus connection community. The community enables people to post events, access vital resources, visit our Facebook and twitter, and most importantly, connect with others affected by inflammatory bowel disease.

In addition, we have several other projects that we are working on. The council is hoping to roll out a Campus Challenge Program during the spring semester. This Program is similar to CCFA's National Team Challenge Program, yet it is geared toward college student involvement.

We are working hard to promote two educational programs on campus this year. These are geared towared transitioning to the college lifestyle and also uniting college students that have a personal connection to IBD.

The retreat was incredibly productive, and we are all motivated to be advocates on our campus! We hope that you are all as excited and passionate about this organization as we are! Plot yourself on the map, and share your story with us! Remember, you're not alone.

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