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Physicians Tout Advances In Understanding Crohn's Disease

August 15, 2012


On, Dr. Corey A. Siegel and Dr. David T. Rubin (pictured, from top to bottom), who both serve on the National Scientific Advisory Committee of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, write that "far too many people have lived with the ravages of" Crohn's disease "and suffered in silence due to its unique combination of digestive symptoms and socially isolating effects," and they want those sufferers "to know that there have been tremendous advances in our understanding of this condition and that our current options and approach to treatments provide much more certainty of success and much less fear of the unknown."

They express, "We will continue to look for a cure for this condition, but in the meantime, we want patients with Crohn's disease, and those who care for patients with Crohn's, to know that this is a time of immense progress, great successes, and hope for a better tomorrow."



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