CCFA's National Research & The Northeast Ohio Research Initiative

A History of Research - nationally & in Northeast Ohio
CCFA’s dedication to finding a cure and ways of preventing IBD in future generations has been unwavering for the past four decades. Since our founding in 1967, CCFA has directed more than $164 million to fund research. Decisions are made by our National Scientific Advisory Committee - awarding research grants on the basis of scientific merit to the best and brightest, no matter where those projects are located.

Since CCFA has a history of allocating significant research funds to Northeast Ohio, we established the Northeast Ohio Research Initiative in 1995. During times when there are limited local research projects taking place, the local chapter selects another focus area. For 2012, our focus is CCFA’s groundbreaking Genetics Initiative.

   There could not be a better time to give generously.  Your donation is an investment in a cure. 

An Evolving Approach
As the landscape of scientific discovery changes, CCFA’s approach to finding cures continues to evolve
. Research shows that 20% of individuals with IBD have a close relative who also affected. The lifetime risk for developing IBD is 10 to 20 times higher for close family members (siblings or offspring). Clearly genetics play an important role in determining whether someone develops IBD. Identification of the specific genes that affect risk is needed.

To accomplish this, CCFA has embarked on a campaign to raise six to ten million dollars targeted at a unique IBD Genetics Initiative spanning the next five years:

  • Research will take a computational biology approach – collecting extraordinary amounts of data on patients to study and identify genes.
  • Similar to the approach the NIH has taken with its cancer initiative – bringing together multiple disciplines: molecular biology, genetics, immunology, and computational biology to work as a team.

Consider the 100 IBD genes that have been identified, 28 which are shared by the diseases, 71 for Crohn's, and 47 for colitis, and it's overwhelming. However, we have the visionary scientists to lead this groundbreaking research:

  •  Principal Investigator Ramnik Xavier, M.D., Ph.D., Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Co – PI, "Skip" Virgin, M.D., Ph.D., of Washington University Medical Center


Now, we are seeking visionary donors who can support it. Help us get closer to finding a cure for our children and grandchildren.

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