Hero at a Young Age: Jazz Little's Inspiring Story

As told by Jennifer Little, Jazz's mother

The day we bring our children into the world is the day we take on the most important job of our lives. At the age of three, Jazz was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease and his life was forever changed. No words can comfort you while your child suffers; you are never the same. When days about cartoons and building forts under the table are traded for medications, ER visits, tests, scans, blood draws, and too many scopes to count, you wonder how you can take another day.

A little over a year since his diagnosis, Jazz is now five and we still have so much to learn. We are taking one day at a time. Through it all, Jazz is the strong one. He is always thinking of others and has been an inspiration for our community and our family. His strength amazes everyone he meets and when this disease takes him down, he never gives up. He instead powers through providing comfort to those around him. It is an eye-opening day when your child wipes away a tear on your face and tells you that everything will be okay.

Jazz wants to be a part of finding cures for these diseases to help others fighting like him. So he has become heavily involved in Team Challenge. I encourage you to believe in the power of this community who bands together, fighting for so many who are living with these terrible diseases. Coming to terms with why our little boy has this illness has not been easy, but we believe that Jazz was given a purpose. We have chosen to focus on the positive and working on raising awareness.

Our family motto: “Believe in cures. They are out there and together we will find them."



Jazz is a part of finding cures for Crohn’s and colitis. You can get fit and change lives along with him when you sign up for Team Challenge.