Dr’s Orders - 10 Questions To Ask on Your Next Visit

Going to see your doctor can be an overwhelming experience -- but it doesn’t have to be. Establishing good communication with your health care provider, especially your gastroenterologist, can make all the difference and heighten the likelihood of better long-term results. Here is a list of questions that may help you on your next doctor’s visit:

  1. What parts of my GI tract are affected and what does this mean?
  2. What tests do I need to have and what are they for?
  3. Should I have these tests when I’m having a flare-up, or on a routine basis?
  4. Approximately how long should it take to feel better, or to find out that this may not be the right medication for me?
  5. What happens if I miss taking a dose or if I stop taking my medication?
  6. What are my options if I cannot afford medication? Are there any over-the-counter medication options?
  7. Should I change my diet or take nutritional supplements? If so, can you recommend a dietician to discuss this with, or any other nutritional supplements?
  8. Do I need to make any other lifestyle changes?
  9. What should I do if the symptoms return? What symptoms are considered an emergency?
  10. When should I come back for a follow-up appointment?

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Published: June 1, 2012