There is a two-step process for requesting funding from the Broad Medical Research Program (BMRP) for Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

  1. The first step is to submit a Letter of Interest on Proposal Central. Instructions and format for Letters of Interest may be found under “How to Apply.” Decisions on Letters of Interest are based on external expert review of the proposal and usually are made within four to six weeks.

  2. If the BMRP is interested in pursuing a project, an invitation is extended to submit a Full Grant Application. The Grant Application instructions can be found in the same instructions document as the Letter of Interest, located on Proposal Central. Decisions on Grant Applications are made based on external review by subject experts and usually take eight to ten weeks.

There are no deadlines or specific dates for applications. Proposals are accepted and reviewed year-round. Revised proposals may only be submitted at the request of the BMRP.

Special Requests for Proposals

Research grants are available for innovative proposals that will lead to improvements in the prevention, diagnosis or therapy of Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. We are also soliciting proposals in this area of research:

Differences in IBD incidence between developing and developed countries

The BMRP is funding innovative research into the possible reasons for low and high incidence of IBD in different areas of the globe. Proposals should be exploratory in nature or designed as pilot. The research should shed light on factors that may influence low versus high global areas of prevalence of the disease. The research should ultimately be helpful in improved understanding of the etiology of IBD and the factors that enhance or prevent the genesis of the disease.

Instructions and RFP format may be found under "How to Apply."