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Professional Education Opportunities

One of the driving principles behind the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation is to develop and cultivate inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) healthcare providers through our educational and training programs. The Foundation wants to further this mission by encouraging the best and brightest healthcare providers to attain a comprehensive understanding of how to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with IBD.

The Foundation has identified the following educational and training challenges concerning IBD care today:

  • IBD continues to become more complex despite advances in diagnostic and therapeutic options.
  • Training in IBD requires specialized exposure and resources.
  • A shortage of gastroenterologists, nurses, and advanced practice providers with specialty training in IBD.
  • Many providers are not properly trained or prepared to confidently care for IBD patients.
  • Most generalist gastrointestinal (GI) physicians are not properly trained or prepared to confidently care for IBD patients.

Visiting IBD Research Fellowship 

Visiting IBD Research Fellowship offers qualified post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty working in the United States the opportunity to spend up to 12 weeks at a cutting-edge NIH-funded laboratory under the mentorship of a leader in research relevant to IBD. The program promotes career advancement for talented junior investigators dedicated to IBD research, and enables knowledge-sharing among leaders in the IBD field. The foundation will select up to three fellows to participate and complete this program in 2018. 

Download the full program review and application guidelines.

Learn more about the Visiting Research Fellowship.

Biosimilars - Resource for Professionals 

As biosimilars enter the US market, educational resources for professional and patients are needed to ensure accurate and unbiased information about biosimilars. The Foundation has developed a resource page designed to educate medical professionals about biosimilars, including the FDA approval process, interchangeability, consideration in the use of biosimilars, perspectives from our European colleagues and importance of provider and patient choice in choosing the right medication including biosimilars. 

Learn more about Biosimilars

Visiting IBD Fellow Program: Clinical Observership 

The National Visiting IBD Fellow Program was created to train gastroenterologists and address the needs above, as well as achieve these specific long-range outcomes:

  • Improve IBD care for all patients regardless of geography or economics.
  • Expand and enhance the Foundation's role in IBD training nationwide.
  • Promote a new and larger generation of highly trained clinical IBD doctors.

Download our reading list for the visiting IBD Fellow Program.

Learn more about the National Visiting IBD Fellow Program.

Virtual Preceptorship 

The Foundation's Virtual Preceptorship program is a multi-faceted virtual activity that seeks to enhance physician training in the diagnosis, treatment and management of IBD through interactive online accredited activities that replicate the real-world experiences of a clinician in an interactive format. 

Learn more about the Virtual Preceptorship and join today.

Advanced Practice Provider In-Person Preceptorship 

The Foundation has developed an Advanced Practice Provider Preceptor program that offers three days of comprehensive IBD training, including medical, surgical, outpatient, and inpatient experiences with IBD patients. Our goal is to provide the practitioner with the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality IBD patient care, utilizing current practice guidelines and research available.

Learn more about the Advanced Practice Provider Preceptorship and apply today.

IBD Clinical Practice Video Series 

The Foundation is excited to offer an accredited activity to educate gastroenterology trainees and recent graduates on the latest information on treatments and management in IBD. This program is a four-part, free online series of engaging videos based on identified knowledge gaps among trainees. The activity is developed by the Rising Educators Academics and Clinicians Helping IBD (REACH-IBD), a task force under the the Foundation's National Scientific Advisory Professional Education Committee. Topics include: Postoperative Recurrence in Crohn’s Disease; Pouch Endoscopy; Pregnancy in IBD; and Advanced Treatment Approaches for IBD Care and Recognizing Complications. Offering providers with this vital information will ensure a better understanding of key topics in IBD, and ultimately improve the care of their patients.

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Optimizing Outcomes in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: The Critical Role of the GI Nurse 

In this CME/CE-certified video module, Karen A. Hanson, APRN, CNP, and Joshua Korzenik, MD, discuss effective multidisciplinary approaches to caring for patients with inflammatory bowel disease. This program has been produced by the Foundation in partnership with Clinical Care Options and with educational grant support from Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Inc. 

Access the educational program.

GI Tract Guide 

The Foundation is proud to announce the launch of the GI Tract Guide, an interactive resource for professionals to discuss anatomy with their patients and review where an individual’s disease may be active. The Guide is built to function on any internet-enabled device—smartphone, tablet, or computer—and is even disease-specific. It covers all areas of the body.

Health Maintenance Checklist

The Foundation's Professional Education Committee, a subset of the National Scientific Advisory Committee, has produced an evidence based health maintenance checklist for IBD patients.  The resource can be viewable electronically and printed for use in your practice.

External Educational Opportunites

  • ReachMD®
    The Foundation has partnered with ReachMD®, the nation's largest medical education learning platform for healthcare professionals, to deliver exclusive content to the healthcare community.

    The partnership includes content developed by the Foundation as part of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Perspectives on ReachMD®. Click here to view our content! It includes:
    • Crohn's & Colitis Educational Series -- expert interviews on timely topics.
    • Updates from the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation -- a series of short-form informational videos.
    • AudioAbstracts™ -- Three short audio distillations of articles from the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Journal with digital linkage to in-depth information.
    • ReachMD eNewsletters