2023 spin4 crohn's & colitis cure boston honoree - Carole Rudman

spin4 2023 honoree

Carole is an amazing IBD advocate, legacy spin4 crohn's & colitis cures participant, and dedicated Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Boston Children's Hospital, who is pedaling this year in memory of her mentor, Dr. Richard Grand. Additionally, as a patient herself, she knows how challenging one's IBD journey can be:
"Being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease just 11 days before starting nursing school was an unexpected moment in my life. Nursing had been my dream and goal since I was three years old, and facing this health hurdle right before embarking on my educational journey felt daunting. However, through the challenges I’ve discovered the depth of my inner strength. This experience has taught me resiliency, shaped me into a compassionate, empathetic caregiver, and readied me to make positive impacts in the lives of patients by drawing from my own journey of perseverance and hope.
I am pedaling this year in honor of Dr. Richard Grand, who was responsible for me starting my GI professional career. I had thought that pursuing a career in Gastroenterology while living with a GI disease like Crohn’s would not be feasible for me. Under Dr. Grand’s guidance, I had the privilege of learning not only the technical aspects of gastroenterology but also the true essence of being an advocate for patients. Through his example, I witnessed the importance of continuous learning, scientific research, and staying updated with the latest advancements in the field – all analogous goals of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.
Knowing that my contributions have played a part in supporting research, patient care, and community programs brings a sense of fulfillment like no other. It reinforces my commitment to continue fighting for the cause, inspires me to do even more to help those affected by IBD, and it is my honor to do this in memory of Dr. Grand."
Join us on event day, October 1 at The Underground at Inkblock in Boston as we #pedal4cures for patients like Carole and all those impacted by IBD.