Expansion of IBD Qorus Initiative

IBD Qorus is the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s quality improvement initiative designed to drive improved care and health outcomes for adult patients with IBD. Healthcare teams from centers across the United States come together to learn and share best practices for improved health care delivery. Applying these best practices in everyday care will ultimately improve the quality of care and health outcomes for IBD patients.

The Foundation is currently preparing for wide-spread expansion of IBD Qorus. The expansion plan is structured into two phases:

Phase I which started in late 2017 is focused on preparing for rapid site expansion and optimizing current processes and practices.

Phase II will begin in 2019 and will focus on rapid patient enrollment and provider participation.

For more questions related to the IBD Qorus program, please contact Alandra Weaver, Director of IBD Qorus ([email protected]) or Ridhima Oberai, Manager of IBD Qorus ([email protected]).

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