Five Cozy Gut Friendly Recipes to Make This Fall

Whether it be a family dinner, a warming soup, or you just need to find a way to use up all of the fresh-picked apples taking up half of your refrigerator space, Gut Friendly Recipes has something for you this fall.

Gut Friendly Recipes has more than 500 recipes vetted by dietitians who specialize in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Users can sort recipes by diet type—evidence-based options include the Mediterranean Diet, Specific Carbohydrate DietTM, Low FODMAP, and Crohn’s Disease Exclusion Diet—by meal type, and by ingredient exclusions.


With so much variety and opportunities to personalize your meal plan, Gut Friendly Recipes has year-round breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas covered. But for now, let’s explore a few recipes that best encapsulate the fall season in all of its vibrant, chilly glory.


apple cinnamon chipsApple Cinnamon Chips

If it’s not in the name, it’s not in the recipe. All you need to have on hand for this quick snack is—you guessed it—apples and cinnamon. Don’t work too quickly, though, since you will need a mandoline to slice the apples thinly enough for them to get crispy in the oven. Use caution to keep your fingers away from the blade, or carefully use a knife if you don’t have a mandoline on hand.


If you have a stricture, this dried fruit option may not be suitable for you. Consider a freshly peeled apple instead. 





tagliatelle with pumpkin and sageTagliatelle With Pumpkin and Sage

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving and decorating—they’re for eating too, especially in convenient pasta dishes that are ready in 30 minutes or less. This dish helps you get your greens in, as it includes “rocket” (known as arugula here in the U.S.), though if you have a stricture, you should omit the rocket.





chicken and sweet potato soupChicken and Sweet Potato Soup

Happy soup season to all who celebrate! Celebration is also in order for those who are sensitive to dairy—this recipe is luxuriously creamy thanks to coconut milk, but it does not contain dairy.


Since it includes red chili peppers, this soup packs a spicy punch. If you are currently dealing with a flare, omit the chili peppers and the fresh herbs.





apple crumb cakeApple Crumb Cake

The best part of any Thanksgiving meal is dessert, obviously. Apple Crumb Cake is a gut-friendly rendition of a classic apple pie. It’s ideal for sharing with loved ones during a holiday meal or potluck since it serves 12 people.








slow cooked greek chickenSlow-Cooked Greek Chicken

Maybe it’s the dropping temperatures, or maybe it’s the desire to spend as many fleeting daylight hours doing anything but cooking, but slow cooker meals and the fall season go hand in hand.


This chicken dish, cooked slowly over eight to ten hours, provides a lean protein with vegetables without much active cooking time. It includes feta cheese, so if you are lactose intolerant, our dietitians recommend swapping it for a lactose-free alternative. Additionally, if you have a stricture, use peeled tomatoes.


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