Volunteers in action this spring

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Foundation. You help drive our work to find cures and improve the quality of life for IBD patients. Check out how Shauntae, Brett, and Damian & Jennifer Doggett decided to make a difference in their communities this spring below.  

Advocating for step therapy reform 

Shauntae's step therapy story

Watching her family battle Crohn's disease, Shauntae decided to speak up for those suffering from IBD. Today, she spends her time spreading IBD awareness in the African American community, and helping patients fight insurance-mandated “fail first” policies by volunteering with the Foundation’s Day on the Hill and Action Alerts.  

"As a girl, I felt so scared and helpless watching my mom suffer one pain-filled day after another. She had Crohn’s disease, but it went undiagnosed and untreated for years. Thankfully, I was prepared when my son, and then my granddaughter, showed symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). My family is the reason I try to help IBD patients who just want to have a good day but can’t get one. Their biggest barrier? Insurance-mandated step therapy."

Click here to read Shauntae's story.

Wearing purple for World IBD Day 

Why two television news reporters chose to share their journey on World IBD Day and generate awareness for the Carolinas Chapter’s Take Steps event!   

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Take Steps: World IBD Day

Bourbon, Bugs, Beer, and Butts for Crohn's and Colitis

Jennifer and Damian Doggett

Damian and Jennifer Doggett annually participate in the Alabama/Northwest Florida Take Steps Walk to raise awareness and support for the Foundation, but in 2019 a new idea to raise funds ($4,800) and engage their community resulted in the 3rd Annual Alabama Bourbon Club Crawfish Boil raising over $30,000 in 2022!  

The idea came from a personal hobby and passion of Damian’s and his participation in the Alabama Bourbon Club (ALBC), a group of bourbon enthusiasts who buy, share, and trade their favorite bourbons! 

Expanding their bourbon enthusiasm, the group hosts the ALBC Crawfish Boil, offering sponsorship and underwriting opportunities, selling event tickets which included food, beer, and bourbon sampling and a fun filled evening of raffle, silent and live auction packages with 100% proceeds benefiting the Foundation.  

Thank you, Damian and Jennifer and the Alabama Bourbon Club! Check out additional ALBC Crawfish Boil details here.

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