Dylan DeLay (Montana)

Dylan D














School: Montana State University

Major: Education

Hometown: Bozeman

My name is Dylan DeLay, I am a junior at Montana State University and I recently switched to teaching. This was actually prompted by the time I spent as a counselor at Camp Oasis. I have been a counselor the past two years and attended as a camper every year before that since 2011. It has had a big change in my life. It motivated me to want to join the National Council of College Leaders. I'm now so proud to be a member of the council. It's been a really awesome way to further support people living with IBD. Backing up a bit; I was wrestling when I first started getting sick. I was around eight or nine, and in one week I had dropped two weight classes. My life started to change quite a bit after that. I had to quit wrestling and I had a hard time participating in the things I liked to do after that. My mom had it, and we were pretty sure I did too. It took 2-3 years but, I was diagnosed December of 2010, when I was ten years old. The Foundation and especially Camp Oasis has changed my life for the better and I'm so grateful for where it has helped get me. I have had a lot of struggles but, this disease has given me the ability to fight through when the going gets tough. As much as it sucks, I have had many great memories that I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for Crohns. All the people I have met and all the good experiences I have had has really made it worth it.