Dylan DeLay (Montana) - NCCL Revenue Chair







School: Montana State University

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Bozeman, Montana

My name is Dylan DeLay, I am a senior at Montana State University and I will soon become a teacher. I will be doing my student teaching fall of 2023 in rural Montana and I couldn't be more excited. This was actually prompted by the time I spent as a counselor at Camp Oasis. I have been a counselor for numerous years and attended as a camper every year before that since 2011. It has had a big change in my life for the better and I could not imagine my life without it. It gave me so much power back that I thought I had lost and got me through my years in school. It motivated me to want to join the National Council of College Leaders and give back to a community that gave so much to me. It's been a really awesome way to further support people living with IBD. It also lead to me changing my major to education as it showed me the impact I can have on children's lives. This has blossomed into a firey passion and I know it's what I want to do in life! I am so proud of what our council has accomplished. We have been able to do some really awesome things over the years. My time on the council is coming to an end soon, but I will never forget the experiences I got from it and will continue to be involved with it as much as possible. My friendships and connections will last forever. I'm so excited to pass it on to future members for them to accomplish awesome things and gain wonderful experiences. I am so grateful for all that the Foundation has done for me and all the people in my life experiencing inflammatory bowel disease!