Camp Oasis

A fun place for learning, playing, and healing

Dealing with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) as a child is even more challenging. That is why the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation proudly established Camp Oasis exclusively for children with IBD over 25 years ago. These summer camp programs enrich the lives of children with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis by providing them with a safe and supportive camp community. 

Our residential camp sessions offer a variety of fun activities, outdoor adventures, and educational opportunities that will build confidence and facilitate new friendships. We also recognize that not all families will be comfortable sending their child to in-person camp which is why we offer [email protected]. This virtual program offers interactive sessions that provide many of the same benefits of residential camp including making new friends, trying new things, and having lots of fun! 

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Camp Oasis Video

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Camp Oasis Teen Video

A life-changing experience

Since all of the campers (and many of the adults) at Camp Oasis are living with IBD, our supportive community allows them to:

  • See that they are not alone
  • Try all sorts of new sports and activities
  • Create friendships with people who understand them
  • Gain confidence and independence
  • Put aside their troubles, and just be a kid

Outstanding medical care

Our volunteer physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals are available for 24-hour care, and work to ensure campers follow the regimen prescribed by their doctors back home.

A quality program

Camp Oasis was built upon the highest standards of care, and offers activities that appeal to every taste:

  • Visual and performing arts
  • Land and water sports
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Leadership development (for our oldest participants)

Our schedule also allows your children plenty of time to relax, get to know one another, and share the best medicine of all — laughter!

Dedicated staff

The Foundation carefully screens and trains all volunteer staff — many of whom are adults also living with IBD. These responsible and empathetic individuals work hard to ensure that every camper feels safe, comfortable, and has the time of their lives.

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Remember, you and your child are not alone in the IBD desert. Find a Camp Oasis nearest you!

Access Survey

The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation is conducting a survey to understand the experiences of patients and caregivers with accessing healthcare for their Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. Your feedback is extremely valuable and will help us prioritize which issues to advocate on in your state and on Capitol Hill; develop helpful Foundation programs and services for patients and caregivers; and inform healthcare professionals about the challenges IBD patients experience accessing the care they need and share resources to address these challenges. The survey is open to adults with IBD and caregivers who are very familiar with the care, medications, and treatment of a loved one who has IBD. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey and share your voice to help improve access to care for all people living with IBD and those who care for them.