Take Steps Team CDL

#1 Take Steps Team on a Mission for Cures

To Team CDL, Take Steps West Palm Beach is not just a chance to unite their co-workers, family and friends for an amazing cause, it’s an annual celebration of getting closer to a cure for their team honored hero, Rebecca.

Throughout the year, friendly competition arises from across the nation as almost 5,000 Take Steps teams compete for the coveted top fundraising team award. Like last year, we expect teams to motivate each other to try and keep up with the reigning champs, Team CDL, who raised more than $82,200 for Take Steps in 2017 and who have raised an outstanding $426,092 for the Foundation throughout their 8 years of involvement.

Proud to support and stand by her side, Joel Levine started a corporate Take Steps team in 2011 for his daughter, Rebecca.

Led by Joel and Irene Levine, Nancy Margagliano, Michelle Price, and David Donten Team CDL consists of team members from Caler, Donten, Levine, Cohen, Porter & Veil, P.A., a local CPA firm in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Since Rebecca’s initial diagnosis of ulcerative colitis in her teens, the Levine family pledged to do everything in their power to help find a cure for inflammatory bowel diseases. “It was a very difficult time in our lives watching our child suffer and waiting for a diagnosis,” says Joel.

The Levine’s sought out the Foundation and began fundraising. From there, Joel, Irene and Rebecca decided to spread awareness and they introduced Rebecca’s story to the firm at CDL, where Joel is one of the founding shareholders. Now, CDL continues to share Rebecca’s journey with ulcerative colitis through heartfelt letters sent to friends, family, and business contacts.

“Being passionate about the cause has made fundraising successful for us. Expressing to others how the Foundation helped our daughter when she was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis demonstrates the value this organization brings to patients and their families. This disease affects many people we deal with on a daily basis, whether we know it or not,” says Irene.

Standing more than 60 members strong, the entire crew at CDL has been devoted to Take Steps West Palm Beach to this day and is consistently ranked among the top fundraising teams across the country.

Way to go Team CDL and thank you for all that you do for Rebecca and the other 1.6 million IBD patients around the country!

Just like Team CDL, you can make a difference by forming a Take Steps team!

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