Giving Day 2021

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September 30, 2021

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Imagine Less by Doing More

We're celebrating our first-ever Giving Day, honoring 54 years since the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation was established in September 1967.

If we’re going to Imagine Less, then we must invest in doing more: More research for better treatments and cures, more support for patients and caregivers in the nation’s largest inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) community, and even more advocacy for better care. 

Less means…less time in the hospital for patients with IBD. Less struggling with finding a treatment that offers relief. Less anxiety when waiting for medical bills. And less disruption of daily life!

Thanks to a generous donor, all Giving Day gifts will be MATCHED, dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $25,000 through September 30.

Plus, when you give $100 or more, now through September 30, we’ll send you an exclusive “I GIVE WITH GUTS” teddy bear as a thank you. Please GIVE WITH GUTS and donate now!


Give to support patients like Parsa

“There is so much emotion related to being an IBD patient, especially those who are children. Anxiety about having access to a bathroom in public…your diet…flare-ups…remaining compliant with your medicines. Embarrassment can also arise in numerous forms. Then there is guilt, feeling like a burden to others or even believing you are not a good friend because you can’t always hang out with your pals.” - Parsa, Crohn's disease patient


Improving patient quality of life and driving toward increased remissions rates

Less barriers to information: Over 70% of patients connected with the Foundation stated that the Foundation has had a positive impact on their IBD journey. These patients also reported better symptom control than non-Foundation connected patients.

Less emergency room visits and unnecessary medication and procedures: IBD Qorus™ researchers have developed approaches to keep patients out of emergency rooms and hospitals and reduce unnecessary use of CT scans, steroids, and opioids. This quality of care initiative is now engaged with 55 GI practices serving over 20,000 patients.
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Improving patient quality of life through personalized treatment & innovative technologies

Less flare-ups due to personalized and effective diet recommendations: We launched the most extensive IBD-focused precision nutrition effort to better understand the direct impact that food may have in the management of IBD and on patient quality of life. The goal: delivering personalized and effective diet recommendations.

Less anxiety due to enhanced detection and monitoring: Our Novel Technologies Initiative harnesses cutting-edge technologies and supports innovative projects. Currently in development: a patient-friendly, wearable, sweat-sensing device, designed to detect and monitor gut inflammation through sweat, potentially enabling non-invasive early detection of IBD flares.
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Gutsy character

Striving to ensure that all members of our diverse IBD community have access to quality care and the resources they need

Less barriers to resources: The Foundation is working to include diverse patients (with respect to race, ethnicity, age, gender, disease experiences, and other factors) in the development of all our research and education initiatives as we work to provide the right resources and improve access to care for the IBD community.

Less barriers to access the right treatment: The Foundation has been instrumental in gaining momentum to pass step therapy (also known as fail first) reform bills on both the state and federal levels. Twenty-eight states have now passed step therapy legislation.
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