How to deal with accidents

Written by Sneha, age 18 -Crohn's and Colitis Young Adults Network

Accidents can be embarrassing and incredibly difficult to talk about—especially with other teenagers. It is important to find a way to deal with these accidents so they may be easier to handle. 

For years, it was even difficult for me to go out in public because I was incredibly scared that I would not find a restroom or not be able to make it in time. It even got to the point that we had to put a portable toilet in the trunk of my parent’s car so that I would get out of the house.

At school, however, it can be incredibly difficult to find a way to escape the mess without other peers knowing. When you have an accident, walk straight to the nurse’s office if possible. If you can’t make it that far then go to the nearest restroom. If you are able to bring your cell phone (which should be an accommodation under your 504 plan), call the nurse to get clothes so that you may be able to change and then go home. Someone should also be able to pick up your belongings. Sometimes, I went home after an accident depending how bad it was, so that is always an option if you do not feel comfortable. 

Here are some things I kept in the nurse’s office if I ever had an accident:

•  A pair of extra clothes (Note: if used, replace as soon as possible)

• Wipes

• Hand sanitizer for the way home 

The most important thing to remember is that when you have an accident; don’t be embarrassed (as easy as that is to say). It’s not your fault, and it is out of your control so there is no sense in feeling any embarrassment. Make sure that you always have items prepared and know that you are not the only one who has to deal with accidents!