Welcome to the IBD & Me Activity Center!

When you first get diagnosed with IBD, it can be confusing and scary to deal with all the new information. You might feel like you’re the only person in the world who has to deal with it. But millions of people all over the world have IBD!  
IBD is a disease that can affect anyone. The kids who come to Camp Oasis this year are all different - they do different activities and like different things - but all of them have IBD. Lots of different kinds of people, of all different ages, are living with IBD today. Not only do the campers have IBD, but many of the volunteers do as well!

Meet Ben, Kat, Alicia, Jayden and Cassie below and follow them through their journeys by clicking to the next section. Be sure to pay attention to what our friends are teaching us—there are some games at the bottom of each page that will test you on what you learned! 


Click on the cards to flip them. Try to match the same image!