Eating When in Remission

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Eating When in Remission When you are in remission with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), it is very important to focus on maintaining a diverse and nutrient rich diet. Watch and listen to learn more on dietary recommendations when in remission.

00:00 with IBD eating during remission can 00:04 feel like a guessing game 00:06 [Music] 00:07 everybody's IBD is a little bit 00:10 different different parts of the 00:12 digestive system affected different 00:14 symptoms different deficiencies your 00:17 dietary recommendations should be 00:19 tailored to fit your individual needs 00:21 but no matter your IBD needs maintaining 00:25 a diverse and nutrient-rich diet is key 00:27 when you're in remission 00:29 [Music] 00:32 here are some things to consider choose 00:35 foods with more fiber like oat bran 00:37 beans and barley include proteins like 00:40 lean meats fish eggs nuts and tofu when 00:45 you're at the store 00:46 choose deeply colored fruits and 00:47 vegetables they tend to have the most 00:49 vitamins and minerals always aim for 00:52 Whole Foods over processed foods like 00:55 apples instead of applesauce with added 00:57 sugar add calcium rich items into the 01:00 mix milk yogurt collard greens tofu and 01:04 if you're lactose intolerant fortified 01:06 almond or rice milk are good options to 01:08 try probiotics such as yogurt kimchi 01:12 miso sauerkraut and tempeh and don't 01:16 forget to stay hydrated we're talking 01:18 eight to ten glasses of water a day 01:22 keeping a food journal comes in handy 01:24 maybe you want to add something new to 01:27 your diet or kit in slowy if any 01:29 symptoms occur you have a record of what 01:32 you've eaten to look back on maybe that 01:34 new treat was the trigger don't forget 01:37 to talk to your doctor about getting 01:38 tested for vitamin and mineral 01:40 deficiencies iron vitamin b12 and 01:44 vitamin D levels are often low in 01:46 patients with IBD remember that you're 01:49 not in this alone 01:50 if you're having trouble figuring out 01:53 and eating plans talk to your doctor or 01:55 meet with a dietician they can help 01:57 create an approach that is right for you 01:59 and help you take on the challenge of 02:01 eating with IBD 02:03 [Music]

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