Nutritional Support Therapy & IBD

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Nutritional Support Therapy & IBD When you have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, and have experienced weight loss, obstruction, surgery, or severe inflammation it may be difficult to take it enough calories and nutrients from food and supplements and nutritional support may be necessary. Watch and listen to this video to learn more about different types of nutritional support therapy.


00:00 some patients with IBD may need help 00:02 getting adequate nutrients weight loss 00:10 surgery obstruction or severe 00:14 inflammation may make it difficult for 00:16 IBD patients to absorb calories and 00:18 nutrients from food and supplements in 00:21 these cases nutritional support therapy 00:24 may be used to help patients avoid 00:26 malnutrition there are two types of 00:32 nutritional support therapy enteral and 00:35 parenteral enteral nutrition is when a 00:38 nutrient-rich formula is taken orally or 00:41 given through a feeding tube the tube 00:44 may be placed through the nostril or via 00:46 a surgical incision going directly into 00:49 the stomach or small intestine there are 00:52 different ways to approach enteral 00:54 nutrition partial enteral nutrition 00:56 means you receive some of your calories 00:59 through formula and the remainder from 01:01 solid food exclusive enteral nutrition 01:03 means you receive all calories your 01:06 formula this is proven to induce 01:09 remission in pediatric crohn's disease 01:11 after our nutrition isn't right for 01:13 everyone say your gut isn't working and 01:17 you're having a severe flare or you've 01:19 had complications like a bowel 01:21 perforation or a fistula and you need to 01:24 improve your nutrition before surgery in 01:26 these instances parenteral nutrition 01:28 might be a better option parenteral 01:30 nutrition is when nutrition can be 01:32 delivered intravenously allowing for 01:35 nutrients to go directly into the 01:37 bloodstream it can supplement enteral 01:39 nutrition or it can be the sole source 01:41 of nutrients when it is the sole source 01:44 you may hear it called TPM or total 01:47 parenteral nutrition 01:50 [Music] 01:53 make sure you discuss adding any 01:56 nutritional support to your diet with 01:58 your provider and registered dietitian 02:00 first all forms of nutrition support


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