Malnutrition and IBD

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Malnutrition and IBD Inflammatory bowel diseases may cause a variety of symptoms and complications, which, if not addressed, can lead to nutrient deficiencies and malnutrition. Watch and listen to learn more.


00:00 having IBD makes it hard for your body 00:02 to digest food and absorb water and 00:05 nutrients that's pretty problematic 00:06 seeing us how humans need food water and 00:09 nutrients to survive having IBD puts you 00:13 at risk for malnutrition which can come 00:15 at you from a few different angles first 00:18 the inflammation itself can stop your 00:20 body from absorbing the important 00:21 nutrients it needs inflammation can then 00:24 also lead to other symptoms like pain 00:26 and nausea which reduce your appetite 00:28 causing you to stop eating nutritious 00:30 foods other symptoms like diarrhea and 00:34 frequent bowel movements can cause 00:35 dehydration and rectal bleeding may lead 00:38 to anemia lastly if you've had surgery 00:42 to remove a piece of your bowel that 00:43 reduces your body's surface area to 00:45 absorb all those nutrients there are a 00:51 few noticeable signs to look for if 00:53 you're losing weight if your wounds are 00:55 healing slowly or if you're feeling 00:57 tired sluggish and rundown you may be 01:00 malnourished you should talk to your 01:02 doctor about your symptoms and ask to 01:04 get tested for vitamin and mineral 01:05 deficiencies try to eat a balanced diet 01:09 and ask to speak to a dietitian if 01:11 you're having trouble eating well adding 01:13 vitamin and mineral supplements to your 01:15 routine can help you stay healthy but 01:17 talk to your doctor before taking it 01:19 ultimately the best way to steer clear 01:21 of malnutrition is to keep a balanced 01:24 diet stay hydrated and cut out foods 01:26 that worsen your symptoms knowing and 01:28 avoiding your trigger foods will keep 01:30 you one step ahead of your IVD not sure 01:33 what yours are try keeping track of your 01:35 diet in a food truck and note any 01:37 symptoms that arise 01:38 everyone's ideal diet is a little 01:41 different but if you're having trouble 01:42 finding yours or struggling with 01:44 restrictions ask your doctor to 01:45 recommend a registered dietician who can 01:48 help you get on track remember 01:50 malnutrition is serious business for 01:52 patients with IBD if you're experiencing 01:54 any of these signs and symptoms talk to 01:57 your doctor about getting tested and 01:58 getting back on track


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