IBD Educational Videos

View these short format educational videos led by expert advanced practice provider faculty on various adult and pediatric IBD topics.


Intimacy Needs

Michele Rubin, APN CNS; Ashley A. Perkovic, DNP, APN, FNP  

There are many factors that can contribute to intimacy issues in our patients with IBD, but there are ways we can help our patients overcome them.


Nutrition Management

Michele Rubin, APN CNS

Weight loss and nutritional deficiencies are common occurrences for IBD patients. Here’s how you can help patients manage these challenges.


Psychosocial Needs

Michele Rubin, APN CNS; Ashley A. Perkovic, DNP, APN, FNP

The prevalence of anxiety and depression has been estimated to be as high as 35 percent among IBD patients. Here’s how we can help them.


Surgical Management

Michele Rubin, APN CNS

When medications fail, surgery may be the next necessary step for patients with IBD. Here are some important surgical options and factors to consider.


Medications 101

Ashley A. Perkovic, DNP, APN, FNP

Covering everything from antibiotics to JAK inhibitors, this in-depth review of the available IBD medications can help guide your treatment approach.


Pediatric Psychology

Maureen Kelly, DNP, APRN

How can we better address the bidirectional relationship between IBD, depression, and anxiety among our pediatric patients?


Pediatric Self-Management

Maureen Kelly, DNP, APRN

Through ongoing education and guidance, we can provide our pediatric patients with self-management skills to help them keep their IBD under control.


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