Diet and Nutrition



Living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) means paying special attention to what you eat. Eating certain foods can help ease your symptoms, while other things you like to eat may make your symptoms worse.

Restoring and maintaining good nutrition is a balancing act. Your diet needs to include enough calories and and nutrients to keep you healthy so you are not at risk of becoming malnourished.


The best way to maintain adequate nutrition is to work with your healthcare team, make healthy food choices, and avoid foods that make your symptoms worse. We can help you stay on the right track with information and resources about the relationship of nutrition and IBD.


To learn more about how diet and nutrition can impact IBD, and to find key recommendations on how to maintain good nutrition, watch IBD: Diet and Nutrition


View our MyIBDLearning webinar series to learn about diet and nutrition in IBD and how your relationship with food can impact your mental health!




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