Jylamvo® ,


Crohn's disease ,
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Oral or
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Jylamvo® ,
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Recommendations for pregnancy

This medication should be avoided by pregnant women. If you would like to become pregnant, this medication should be avoided several months before pregnancy. In addition, the medication can be passed in semen so men should also avoid the medication for several months before family planning.

Recommendations for breastfeeding

This medication should not be used when nursing.

Most common side effects

Nausea/vomiting, abnormal blood or liver tests, folate deficiency, increased risk of infection, rash or skin photosensitivity. Some of the side effects can be prevented by taking folic acid.


This medication is available in a liquid (oral solution).

Less common side effects include scarring of the liver and lung inflammation. This medication is not recommended for individuals with pre-existing liver disease. Blood counts and liver tests should be performed frequently to check for medication effects on the bone marrow and liver. When taking this medication, you should also take 1 mg of folic acid daily.

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