Mary's Story

Clinical Trial Story
My inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) story started in the fall of 2011. I was in college and dealing with a few stressful things in my life when I started to get sick. I was fatigued, vomiting, not eating, and essentially spending my days in the bathroom. I was already small and lost thirty pounds before being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, just before I turned 21 in 2012. I took a semester off to heal and later returned to complete my bachelor’s degree in psychology.

I developed anemia due to my Crohn’s, and my gastroenterologist suggested I try a clinical trial involving iron infusions that he would be running with the gastroenterology department. My doctor explained how this trial could be beneficial to me, and that it would be helpful for research as well. I was worried that I would have an adverse reaction to the infusion and that I wouldn’t be able to know anything about what I was taking. Both proved to be false. The trial ended up being great for me and my anemia improved significantly, something my doctor and I were thrilled about.

My advice to anyone participating or looking to enroll in a clinical trial is to not be afraid to ask questions. Ask your doctor for information about what trials are available for you to participate in, where to find them, and which ones may be beneficial to you. During the trial, be honest about how you’re feeling, and if you want to continue to participate.

Hometown: New Hampshire