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Patient story

Alicia's Story

When I was diagnosed with IBD in 2004 I had only just briefly began to navigate my own sexuality. The summer I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis was right before I was meant to start high school. I ended up starting with a 6 month delay due to complications that resulted in emergent surgery and a hefty rehabilitation period. Not only did I have to navigate a shiny new diagnosis and an ostomy bag at the age of 14, but I was also wading through the confusion about my sexuality on top of that.

Patient story

Isabelle's Story

Patients with Crohn's disease may experience debilitating pain and fatigue in addition to other symptoms. Isabelle shares her story about learning to manage pain, stress, and fatigue while battling IBD as a student.

Clinical trial story

Carolyn’s Story

I never thought I would be someone who would be a part of a clinical trial. Doctors can only provide so many answers, but there was still a chance that this trial could help me, and in the process, I would be contributing and helping the future of IBD.

Advocacy story

Eitan's Story

New Yorker Eitan Kling-Levine shares his battle with ulcerative colitis and insurance-mandated step therapy.

Advocacy story

Teresa's Story

Teresa MacDonald, of Tacoma, Washington, opens up about her fight against Crohn's disease and why she became an advocate for step therapy reform.

Advocacy story

Robert's Story

Robert Woodman, a patient advocate from Holliston, Massachusetts, shares his battle with insurance-mandated step therapy.

Advocacy story

Brannen's Story

Melissa and Justin Whirledge of Atlanta, Georgia were devastated when step therapy delayed treatment for their son's ulcerative colitis. The Whirledges advocated for Georgia to enact a step therapy reform law, and are now calling on the U.S. Congress to do the same.

Advocacy story

Dr. Maltz’s Story

Ross Maltz, MD, is a pediatric gastroenterologist based in Columbus, Ohio. A Crohn's patient himself, he understands the pain that families feel when insurance-mandated step therapy delays quality treatment for a loved one with IBD. That's why he's raising awareness of step therapy reform laws in his state, and calling for the U.S. Congress to pass step therapy reform.

Advocacy story

Abby's Story

Abby Shelley, of Nashville, Tennessee, opens up about her battle with Crohn's disease and why she's advocating for step therapy reform in her state.

Advocacy story

Samantha's Story

Samantha Rynearson, a patient advocate from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, shares her battle with Crohn's disease, her fight for effective treatment, and why she's calling on state and federal legislators to pass step therapy reform.

Advocacy story

Shauntae's Story

Watching her family battle Crohn's disease inspired Shauntae Catina to speak up for those suffering inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Today, she spends her time spreading IBD awareness in the African American community, and helping patients fight insurance-mandated “fail first” policies in her home city, Atlanta, Georgia.

Advocacy story

Sydney's Story

Sydney Arnold is a patient advocate from Mesquite, Texas. Learn more about her battle with Crohn's disease and insurance-mandated step therapy.