COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an important step in the drug development process—they're used to determine the safest and most effective treatment for a disease by translating research into medicines that can improve patient outcomes. Currently, there are a number of clinical trials available to test vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. 

  • Federally funded clinical trials related to COVID-19 are updated regularly on The list of clinical trials currently available can be found here:
  • TrialScope has introduced a free global resource to both researchers and the general public: The information on this website is regularly updated with new COVID-19 trials, as it is automatically updated from
  • The Milken Institute is currently tracking the development of treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 (coronavirus): This document features a compiled list of publicly available information about treatments and vaccines from validated sources. 
  • IQIVA has developed the following resources to help contribute to the research of COVID-19:
    • IQVIA COVID-19 Trial Matching: IQVIA has created the first comprehensive online screener and trial matching tool for all U.S. COVID-19 trials. The IQVIA COVID-19 Trial Matching Tool is an online platform that matches individuals with specific COVID-19 studies to accelerate clinical research projects. The Trial Matching Tool and more information can be found here:
    • IQVIA COVID-19 CARES Project: The IQVIA CARE Project is an opt-in registry available to anyone, to advance the understanding of COIVD-19 through sharing information about the disease including symptom progression and treatment outcomes. More information can be found about the IQVIA CARE Project at

  • "The Fight Is In Us" is a collaborative effort of COVID-19 survivors, blood and plasma organizations, academic research institutions, life sciences and healthcare companies, advisory and technology supporters, community groups, and philanthropic organizations to support the rapid development of potential new therapies for COVID-19 patients. These therapies use blood plasma donated by people who have fully recovered from COVID-19, since their blood may have antibodies from their immune response to the virus. If you have fully recovered from COVID-19 and are interested in donating your plasma, more information can be found by visiting: Please be sure to visit the Q&A page for more information on eligibility. 

Please note: this is not an endorsement of one approach or treatment, but rather a list of all treatments and vaccines currently in development.

To learn more about clinical trials, the different types of studies, various phases of trials and more, please visit our Clinical Trials Community site. Our library of resources can help you gain a better understanding of the many components of clinical trials. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, whether related to IBD or coronavirus, you should discuss the possibility of enrolling with your healthcare team. Already enrolled in a trial? Find questions to ask your doctor and more participation FAQs by visiting: