Helping patients today, accelerating breakthroughs for tomorrow

2019 was a very exciting year for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation! As this year’s annual report headline reads, we are helping patients today, accelerating breakthroughs for tomorrow. We are doing this through our many advancements in IBD research, education & support programs, and advocacy wins. 

Some of the many things you will learn about in the Foundation’s 2019 Annual Report include:

  • The publication of Challenges in IBD Research, our research agenda for the next five years, conceived with input from 100 scientists, clinicians, and patients, to help prioritize and address the unmet needs in IBD patients. 
  • The continued growth of our Advocacy Network, which led to the passing of state-based step therapy reform legislation in Ohio, Georgia, and Washington, and the introduction of the first federal step therapy reform bill in the U.S. Senate.
  • Funding the most cutting-edge IBD research, which has the potential to make a big impact on how patients are diagnosed, treated, and monitored.
  • The success of our many volunteer-fueled events, which raised an incredible amount of money to help continue the Foundation’s mission-critical work. 

While so much progress was made in 2019, we recognize that this year will be a much different year. Even so, we are hopeful that if we all continue to work together in our fight against IBD, we will be able to share just as many accomplishments in 2020 as we did last year.

None of these other achievements would be possible without the support and dedication of our IBD community. We are so grateful to each one of you!

Click here to read about all of our 2019 accomplishments in our 2019 Annual Report.

Susie Gagas is manager of national marketing for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation.