REACH-IBD Career Connection Program

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The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation REACH-IBD Career Connection Program offers a unique opportunity to participate in a mentoring program that brings together IBD thought leaders with early-career physicians, junior investigators, and fellows. Fellows and REACH-IBD professional members are invited to apply as mentees and experienced professional members are invited to apply as mentors. 

Mentors and mentees are required to meet in person at the Crohn’s & Colitis Congress® and again at a subsequent national GI meeting. We will also facilitate a series of check-ins between national meetings to continue to foster a productive relationship between the mentor and mentee. 

A $1,000 travel stipend will be provided to each mentor and mentee. Attendance at the Crohn’s & Colitis Congress® and one other national GI meeting is required in order to participate.

Program benefits for mentees

  • Expand your network
  • Create a more valuable network: Mentors are trusted confidants
  • Increased confidence: Mentor support lets you know you’re on the right track
  • Accountability: Having a mentor who asks how your goals are progressing can make all the difference to your motivation
  • Real-life advice: Google can answer most of your objective questions, but Google hasn’t actually been in your shoes
  • Improve leadership skills: With a mentor who is more senior than you, you have a real opportunity to learn leadership skills

Program benefits for mentors

  • Give back and have an impact on other people’s lives
  • Most mentors participate because they enjoy the experience
  • Keep your finger on the pulse: Your mentees know all about the latest in social media, technology, etc.
  • Bridge the millennial divide: Millennials aren’t so different and mentoring is a great way to understand this cohort
  • Increase knowledge share: The more value we share, the more value we create

Apply today!

Click here to apply as a mentee

Click here to apply as a mentor

All applications are due November 30, 2021


Special thank you to our sponsor!

The Foundation’s REACH-IBD Career Connection program was made possible by our sole sponsor, AbbVie

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