Michael's Story

Clinical Trial Story
I was diagnosed with mild ulcerative colitis in early 2010. Though I took the prescribed medications the UC was continuous and worsened over the next three years until I had exhausted all approved treatments to no avail. A specialist at UCI recommended I consider a clinical trial medication as a potential treatment. I was screened and accepted for the clinical trial. My UC was then moderate and affecting my daily work and activities, so I was hopeful.

My doctor and his clinical trial nursing staff were great – friendly, communicative, honest, professional and organized. I visited them every three months for required blood draws, general health review, written clinical trial status paperwork and replenishment of the medication. There was also a convenient simple daily phone report for 7 days prior to my quarterly visits and an annual flex sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy for visual evidence of the effects of the medication on my colon healing.

I am so grateful that the medication was effective, over a reasonable time period, in reducing my UC symptoms and has now essentially healed my condition with minimal side effects, as I remain on the clinical trial medication. My lifestyle and activities are back to normal. The time involved in the clinical trial program has been well worth it. I consider the clinical trial staff my friends and hope the medication will benefit others when it is approved for general prescription.