IBD Plexus: Partnering to Accelerate Science

IBD Plexus® is named for its complex network of integrated components, forms and nurtures collaboration and cooperation among every IBD stakeholder.

IBD Plexus is powered by the common drive toward accelerating to better care, treatments, and cures. The groundbreaking initiative forms innovative partnerships with academic and industry researchers and leverages data and biosamples collected at diverse research studies being conducted at sites around the country. Partnership is also the hallmark of IBD Plexus’ conception, planning, and development, enabled by visionary funders and operationalized by industry representatives and other early adopters of its research platform.

IBD Plexus supports activities across the research continuum and therapeutic life cycle. It provides academic and industry researchers with expedited access to research-ready datasets and samples, to more rapidly perform activities that promise to speed treatment development and enhance the care and quality of life of people living with IBD.