About IBD Plexus

IBD Plexus: Partnering to Accelerate Science

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IBD Plexus: Partnering to Accelerate Science

IBD Plexus® is an interconnected exchange platform designed to propel research. Its features include:

  • Tens of thousands of patients enrolled in four distinct research initiatives results in tens of millions of data points
  • Prospective, longitudinal, well-phenotyped data, as well as linked biosamples
  • Clinical data, patient-reported data, molecular data
  • Thousands of biosample aliquots (blood, stool, tissue)

IBD Plexus is designed to support:


What Makes IBD Plexus Unique

IBD Plexus is the antidote to one-off collaborations

  • Linkage of research-grade data and samples across numerous multicenter research initiatives
  • Large, diverse cohorts to harness the power of numbers and increase statistical significance

IBD Plexus has unparalleled scalability

  • Scale and size of data that can't be achieved at any one institution or company
  • Accommodating imminent high-impact technology breakthroughs, next-gen sequencing, and new research findings

IBD Plexus offers near real-time capture and transmission of reliable, rigorous data

  • Use of standard data collection tools that ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Utilization of central biobank and reference labs to mitigate against batch effects and seamlessly share data

IBD Plexus is a collaborative exchange network

  • Novel data-sharing guidelines that require raw project-specific generated data to go back into Plexus
  • Accelerated access to data and biosamples
  • Rapid-learning environment that allows clinicians and researchers to analyze and share findings

Accelerating Science in Immeasurable Ways

IBD Plexus is the result of the leadership and expertise of IBD researchers, combined with the vision of generous funders. The most notable source of funding, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, provided $2 million for the planning of the initiative and has committed an additional $17.5 million to build and launch the platform.

"The support of the Helmsley Charitable Trust has had significant impact on many advancements in IBD research. Their partnership and support of IBD Plexus will accelerate science in immeasurable ways." - Michael Osso, President & CEO of the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation.