NSAC Diversity and Inclusion

The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation is committed to accelerating efforts within our organization and within the healthcare community to root out systemic racism and support communities of color. Learn more about the Foundation’s Diversity, Inclusion & Equity efforts.

One of our many efforts includes a commitment to increase the diversity of our National Scientific Advisory Committee (NSAC). To address this, we launched a Diversity and Inclusion Committee that will work across the NSAC to ensure programs and research initiatives attract and reflect the diversity of the IBD professional community and the patients and caregivers we serve.

Committee leaders

Dedrick Moulton, MD
Ruby Greywoode, MD
Kimberly Kearns, APN

Dedrick Moulton, MD, Chair

Ruby Greywoode, MD, Co-Chair

Kimberly Kearns, APN, Co-Chair

The D&I committee will host a meeting in June 2021 and plans to provide updates on its efforts and impact throughout the 2021-24 NSAC term.