COVID-19 Vaccine in the Pediatric Population 

Pediatrician checking smiling child patient with stethoscope

If you have a child with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), you’re probably wondering if the COVID-19 vaccine will be safe for them to take. Most clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccinations to date have not included pediatric patients. Generally, clinical trials start with older age groups and progress downward. The FDA has recently granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of a vaccine in the pediatric population (see chart below). Clinical trials are ongoing for vaccine use in children and adolescents.

These are the COVID-19 vaccine trials and EUA status that currently includes children and adolescents:


Company  Trial Status Emergency Use Authorization in Children Age Group

Pfizer-BioNTech (Currently authorized for ages 16+)

Phase III Authorized 12-15

Moderna (currently authorized for 18+)

Phase II N/A 12-17
Jannsen /Johnson & Johnson 


authorized for 18+)

Announced N/A 12-18


Phase II N/A 6-17


For information on the COVID-19 vaccines, and updates about the impact to IBD patients, please visit our general COVID-19 vaccination guidance. 

We will continue to keep the IBD community updated about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines for pediatric patients. In the interim, please visit our Pediatric Patient Guidance for up-to-date information on managing infusions, medical appointments, school, and emotional health for kids with IBD. General information on kids and IBD is available in our resources for Parents, Teens, and Kids.  

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