Camp Oasis


A Place for Learning, Playing, and Healing

At Crohn's & Colitis Foundation Camp Oasis, kids living with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis can just be kids. We provide a safe environment where friendships ignite, confidence soars, and epic adventures become life-long memories. Camp Oasis is FUN without the fear of judgement or feeling different.

Camp Oasis Changes Lives

Our research shows that even just one summer can bring lasting impact:

  • 96% of campers and parents say Camp Oasis had a positive impact on their well-being
  • 98% say Camp Oasis is a place where campers feel supported and where they belong
  • Kids gain confidence they never knew they had and build bonds with others who "get it"
  • From understanding their disease better to taking medication with newfound independence, Camp Oasis empowers kids to become their own IBD superheroes

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What Parents Say About Camp Oasis

"Camp Oasis helped my child gain acceptance of their disease and showed them it is possible to live a full, exciting life. Camp was transformative for them and powerful for me to witness."

"Camp Oasis is my daughter's favorite week of the year. She feels so safe, and so connected to the community. We're very grateful for the program."

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A Quality Program

  • Camp Oasis was built upon the highest standards of care and offers activities that appeal to every interest
  • Our schedule allows plenty of time to relax, get to know one another, and experience the magic of camp.
  • Our Leader in Training program provides leadership development opportunities for our oldest participants 
  • We have a full staff of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who volunteer to ensure campers are safe and following their medical regimens
  • The Foundation carefully screens and trains volunteer staff, many of whom are adults living with IBD

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Our 2024 applications are now open. Visit our Find a Camp page to locate a camp session near you and join us this summer!

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