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Our list consists of leading Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis doctors, researchers, nurses and other healthcare professionals working in the field who have chosen to become members of the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. We cannot make recommendations about specific physicians or guarantee that all members listed specialize in the treatment of Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. The Foundation cannot attest to the credentials of its members, nor do we evaluate the competency of our members.

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Nursing Allied Health, Gastroenterology
Digestive Specialists
4340 Clyo Rd
Dayton, OH, 45459
Nursing Allied Health
Texas Digestive Disease Consultants
505 S Nolen Dr
Southlake, TX, 76092
Nursing Allied Health
435 Phalen Boulevard
Saint Paul, MN, 55130
Nursing Allied Health
3333 Burnet Ave, University of Cincinnati - Medical College
Cincinnati, OH, 45229
Nursing Allied Health
Gastro One
1310 Wolf Park Dr
Germantown, TN, 38138
Nursing Allied Health
Penn State Hershey IBD Center
500 University Dr
Hershey, PA, 17033
Nursing Allied Health
The University of Chicago Medicine IBD Center
5841 S Maryland Ave
Chicago, IL, 60637
Nursing Allied Health
3901 Rainbow Blvd
Kansas City, KS, 66103
Nursing Allied Health
Digestive Disease Associates of Rockland
974 New York 45
Pomona, NY, 10970
Nursing Allied Health
Gastroenterology Associates LLP
60 Mapleview Road #1
Buffalo, NY, 14225