IBD Ventures FAQs

What is IBD Ventures?

IBD Ventures is a funding mechanism intended to accelerate the discovery and development of novel research-based products with the potential to alleviate suffering caused by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

What types of potential products may receive funding?

Any research-based product with the potential to address an unmet need of IBD patients will be considered.

Who is eligible for this program?

We anticipate that the majority of recipients will be companies with a primary focus on product discovery and/or development. Companies should have independent operations, appropriate capabilities and full-time staff. Investigators at academic institutions are also eligible if they can access appropriate resources for product development.

How can I access program information and application forms?

Application may be accessed and must be submitted through proposalCENTRAL: https://proposalcentral.altum.com/ Navigate to the ‘Grant Opportunities’ tab (top right) and filter by grant maker (select ‘Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’) to find the application link for IBD Ventures.

Is there a deadline?

No. Applicants may submit a Letter of Intent on a rolling basis. A Foundation staff member will respond within five weeks. However, full proposals will be reviewed only twice per year; to be considered for an upcoming review cycle, applicants must apply by a specific date as specified in the most recent Program Guidelines document.

How will Letters of Intent be reviewed?

All organizations developing research-based products for IBD are invited to contact the Foundation by submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) form. Forms will be reviewed on a rolling basis by Foundation staff and applicants will receive a response within four weeks. Applicants should indicate, at the time of LOI submission, interest in submitting a project proposal for the next cycle of review for the program.

Should I submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) even if I am not interested in or eligible for this program?

Yes! Even if you do not intend to apply, we still want to hear from you. LOI submission is encouraged if you are interested in engaging with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation regarding development of a product for IBD. LOIs will be considered for future funding opportunities and additional Foundation resources (including advising, clinical trial recruitment assistance, and presentation opportunities).

How will full proposals be reviewed?

Full proposals will be reviewed by a multidisciplinary committee comprised of industry scientists; academic scientists; clinical experts; entrepreneurs; business development and venture professionals; and IBD patients.

Can I submit a full proposal if I have not previously submitted a Letter of Intent?


Will the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation treat submitted materials in a confidential manner?

Yes. Full proposals will be treated as confidential and a confidentiality agreement will be provided in advance of submission. If the applicant would like the LOI to be treated as confidential, a confidentiality agreement may be requested in advance of LOI submission.

Will the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation offer additional resources for awardees in addition to funding?

Yes. Accelerator resources will be provided to support ventures, including scientific and strategic advising, according to the needs of each funded program.

Is IBD Ventures project-based?

Yes, funding will be project-based funding with specific milestones established in advance.

Will the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation ask for equity in funded companies?


Will awards be associated with a financial commitment?

Yes. If the funded technology is successfully commercialized, payment would be due back to the Foundation.

What should be the estimated duration of funded programs?

Approximately one year.

Will funded programs be eligible for extended funding beyond the first year?

Yes, especially if milestones are achieved.

Are there any limitations as to the type of product that might be funded?

No, so long as there is clear potential for benefit for IBD patients.

Are commercial-stage or public companies eligible for IBD Ventures?

Yes, any company meeting the eligibility criteria is eligible to apply.