Tips for Requesting IBD Work Accommodations

1. Prepare in advance for your request

  • You can request accommodations in a conversation, but it is recommended you put it in writing
  • Reach out to your HR department for specific guidelines

2. Gather medical paperwork

  • Request medical documentation to demonstrate your need
  • Documentation may include: a letter from your doctor, exam notes, test results, appointment confirmations, etc.

3. Be prepared to answer your employer's questions

  • They CAN ask for medical information related to the requested accommodation
  • They CANNOT ask for medical information outside of the requested accommodation


Examples of Reasonable Accommodations Examples of Unreasonable Accommodations
 Moving a workspace closer to a bathroom
 Changing or having flexible work hours to accommodate healthcare appointments, procedures, or symptoms
 Additional rests or breaks to help with fatigue or symptoms
 Working from home when not feeling well
 Unpaid or paid leave for hospitalizations or procedures
 Anything that is extremely costly to the employer
 Anything that requires major changes to the employer’s physical environment
 Asking to work from home when your attendance in person is essential for the job (ex: A waiter or waitress at a restaurant must be present to do the job)


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