5 Tips for Requesting FMLA Leave

1. Notify your employer as soon as you know you need time off.

  • Provide at least 30 days advance notice
  • If you learn of your need for leave less than 30 days in advance, provide notice as soon as possible

2. Complete a medical certification within 15 days of providing notice. The certification must include:

  • Contact information for your doctor
  • When you were diagnosed with IBD
  • How long you expect to be out of work due to your IBD
  • Appropriate medical facts about your IBD (i.e. information on symptoms or hospitalizations, doctor visits, or procedures)
  • Whether you need to request leave continuously or occasionally

3. Allow time for your doctor’s office to complete the paperwork.

  • Your doctor may not fill out the paperwork the day you hand it in—this may take some time so plan ahead

4. Contact your employer if your FMLA needs change while you are on leave.

  • If you need more time or less time—it’s important to stay in touch with your employer

5. If needed, request work accommodations for your return to work.

  • Now is the time to consider any work accommodations that would help you return to your job
  • Gather documentation from your medical provider to demonstrate your need


Download a PDF copy of this information here.