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Inflammatory Bowel Diseases® (IBD Journal) is the first journal dedicated exclusively to IBD. A subscription to this premier online publication is a benefit of your Crohn's & Colitis Foundation Professional Membership.

IBD Journal covers topics of interest to the professional clinician or researcher in this burgeoning field. Each monthly issue features original, peer-reviewed articles in clinical and basic science areas, as well as invited in-depth reviews of key treatment issues and groundbreaking research. We invite all expert authors to submit an article for consideration.

IBD Journal highlights the unique and important issues in pediatric IBD, as well as articles pertaining to adult patients. Also included are critical examinations of the design and results of recent clinical trials; elucidative discussions of controversial diagnostic and management issues and techniques; and summaries of significant articles from around the world with relevant commentary by experts in the field.


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IBD Journal is now available exclusively online. Access to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases® requires an easy registration process. If you require assistance, please contact Customer Service.

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Becoming Digital-Only

In January 2024, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases® transitioned to a digital-only format, shrinking our footprint while providing an even more immersive and immediate reading experience.


Going digital demonstrates our commitment to top-notch, cutting-edge research while allowing us to enhance the content, interactivity, and accessibility of our journal, ensuring Professional Members have seamless access to the latest IBD updates.


Embracing the digital frontier means readers will enjoy:

  • Instant Access: No more waiting for your journal to arrive in the mail. Readers are guaranteed access to the most current versions of all articles at all times, and immediate access to the most recently published content via the advance articles feature.
  • Enhanced Interactivity: The Oxford Academic platform allows you to dive deeper into research with digital content components, usage information, reference linking and other vital tools that a printed issue cannot provide.
  • Reader-Centric Innovation: This transition enables us to build a complete picture of reader engagement with our articles and other digital elements, which will inform future content to improve your experience.

We trust this transition will allow us to serve you better and keep you squarely at the forefront of advancements in IBD. 

How to Access Your Pro Member Benefit Online

First, you need to register for a personal account on the journal website.


Then, email [email protected] to provide your subscriber number. Once you've registered for a personal account, you will use the subscriber number as a code to "activate your purchase" allowing full access to the journal.