Registering for Classes

“I was so scared to register for classes but after reaching out to my school's center for disability services it was a breeze!”

-Scott Gringauz, member of the National Council of College Leaders

Registering for classes can be a very daunting task when first going into college. There are so many choices and it can seem very overwhelming at first. This stress can be even greater when managing a chronic condition like IBD. Luckily there are some simple steps you can take to lessen this stress and register for classes with more ease.

Communicate with your advisor

When registering for classes, communication with your advisor is important. Most schools assign a staff advisor, and you may want to first send an email to both him or her and the school's Disability Services department (if applicable) telling them that you have IBD and the accommodations you may need.

Building an Optimal Schedule

Asking for early/priority registration can be a very helpful accommodation as it allows you to plan your healthcare schedule accordingly. For instance, if you are on a medication that needs to be administered at an infusion center every few weeks, you may be able to plan your class schedule around your treatment regimen. Make sure to thoroughly read the class catalog so you know everything your school has to offer. Remember to leave yourself time to eat lunch and hydrate or snack between classes. As you build your schedule it is also important to consider your walking distance from one class to another. Before officially registering for all your classes, you may want to connect with your advisor and let them know your semester plan; they may offer you helpful suggestions.

Other tips on registering for classes:

  • Keep calm, registering can be scary but if you just take a deep breath and do it one at a time it’s not as daunting
  • Learn all the information you can before registering: class catalogs, major requirements, first year seminars, anything that will impact your class decisions
  • Make a list of alternative classes just in case the ones you were hoping for filled up
  • Register as soon as you can to make sure all the classes you want are still available

Other helpful resources: