Health Insurance

Re-evaluating and Readjusting Your Healthcare & Insurance Needs

Because you are away from home, you may find it useful to utilize your campus health services. However, it may also be convenient and beneficial to find a local gastroenterologist to help partner with your current, primary gastroenterologist. If you decide to find another gastroenterologist, set up an appointment soon after arriving on campus so you can update him or her on your medical history, your medications, and the results of your most recent tests. If you choose to see a local gastroenterologist in addition to your primary one from home, the three of you should agree ahead of time about who is in charge in terms of making recommendations and decisions, changes to your treatment plans, diet, medications, etc.

Here are some other ways you can make a successful transition to college life:

  • Be prepared; know what you need for your treatments ahead of time.
  • Familiarize yourself with your campus health services and other campus-related health resources.
  • Educate others about your condition such as your resident advisor (RA), professors, and other campus staff you may come into contact with frequently.
  • Take charge of your own health care and choices.
  • Remember that you always have the right of privacy for your personal medical information—you only need to share what you feel is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Navigating Your Healthcare Insurance Plan

Typically, your college will have a student health plan for you to take advantage of, which usually includes coverage for outpatient office visits, hospitalizations, and credit towards prescriptions. Keep in mind, however, some of these policies only cover the cost of certain physicians at certain facilities, so always call first to determine if a healthcare provider is covered.

Remember, under recent healthcare reform, it’s now your right to remain enrolled on your parents' insurance policy until you are 26 years old. Since every policy is different, you should double check any limitations of your parents’ policy. See additional resources for understanding health insurance.